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FLOWEROX Links to Friends and Associates

Links that may be of interest for Pressed Flowers, Art, etc.

World Wide Pressed Flower Guild - The only truly world wide guild of pressed flower artists.

Through the Eyes of John Baselmans - A site with the most complete information about art and design. You will find: drawings, illustrations, stamps, posters, postcards, advertising, photos, also available are: courses, information, gifts and services.

Greetings of Grace - Whether you are a seasoned pressed flower artist or just starting out, you need the highest quality pressed flowers to achieve the stunning and beautiful results you are looking for.


Notice: All images and text copyright 2002-2017 Rebekah Smith. All rights reserved. Some images are marked with "www.flowerox.com" in red - this message does not appear on the actual item, only on the display image.


President of the World Wide
Pressed Flower Guild, 2008-2012

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